Billeon Groove

Billeon Groove

Solo Artist, Guitarist, Producer, Recording Engineer, Videographer


Billeon Groove Billeon Produced and release his first album in September 2012 called “Island Funk Experience”. In Billeon’s album, you will find heavily influenced Reggae and Rock music combined with Hip-hop Beats.


Billeon Groove aka Arthur Bill Poleon was born in Dominica. Billeon graduated from UAH with a BS in Computer science minor in Math; at the age of 22 he bought his first guitar. He studied classical guitar for a short period at UAH. His love for music saw him producing music in his home studio using a PC. After a many years of making music Billeon still had not found his style. He listened to everything thing from Reggae to Heavy Metal but still could not find a style that represented his musical diversity.


In June 2010, Billeon decided to record an album. After a few bumps and curves he created a style that represented his musical taste. He calls this style, “Island Funk”.


Latest News

Album "Island Funk Experience" released September 1, 2012.

Life Feels Pretty Bad (Official Music Video) released May 6, 2013.

Ooh Yeah (Official Music Video) released September 11, 2012.

Yester Day (Official Music Video) released August 27, 2012.